Is it worth it to create Your own brand of products in Poland in order to sell them abroad in Germany?

Yes! This way You may generate 50% higher income, thanks to the reduced production costs. The costs themselves are lower thanks to the lower monthly salaries and cheaper components.

According to Eurostat's 2020 data, one hour of work in Poland costs €9,1 whereas in Germany the same hour costs €35,9, which is thrice as much. Furthermore, the costs of materials used in the production process are also lower in Poland than Germany.

Even though the products are more expensive compared to those from China, their quality may be compared to the German ones, while also maintaining competitive prices. Germans are one of the most demanding customers, who – above all- value quality. That's the reason why Fideli's high quality products are chosen by the Germans, instead of low quality, Chinese counterparts.


Thinking about selling Polish products in Germany? Are You looking for a partner?

  • High quality offered services and products, based on 20 years of experience and highly developed production line.
  • Possibility of reaching higher margins and incomes thanks to lower production costs.
  • Lower transport costs thanks to our logistic partner, who operates at the German border.
  • “On-measure” production, resulting in non-limited manufacturing capabilities.

Do the Polish, Fideli products really
sell that well in Germany?


Why is it important to sell on Amazon?

Do the Polish, Fideli products really sell that well in Germany?

Estika's business goals:

  • GOAL I
    Creation of High-Quality, lucrative brand, recognizable all around Europe.

    Development and business stabilization, increasing of operational ranges on the German market.

    Gaining of know-hows, development of Fideli under Estika's brand. Increasing business scope possibilities for our partners.


How to succeed on the German market?

  1. Dedicated branding, which includes brand differentiators, consistent and professional brand renown.
  2. Careful preparation of product catalog with high quality photos and descriptions in a German language.
  3. Maintaining high quality of manufactured products.
  4. Consistent product descriptions and quality miniatures.
  5. Keeping the details in check: Registration of EAN codes,manuals in German language.
  6. Friendly customer service.
  7. Additional actions related to marketing and advertising. Facebook profile, Youtube account with multilingual manual videos.

How to arrange logistics?

The answer is: dropshipping. Fideli’s logistics focuses on high quality manufacture and fast delivery. Delivery to the German market usually takes no longer than 1-2 working days. The delivery label contains data of our German logistics operator.


Creation of own brand

Creation of own brand

Understanding of the target group.

Creation of own brand

Choosing a name and checking its availability.

Creation of own brand

Creation of virtual identification (logo) and brand registration.

Creation of own brand

Creation of strategy.

Creation of own brand

Adjusting our products and services to our clients.

Creation of own brand

Building brand awareness through advertising and marketing.


First step to success – registration of EAN codes.

What’s a EAN code?

EAN is a European commodity code, a unique barcode, printed straight on the product or its package. It helps with the identification of the goods.

We will help You to implement Your EANS!!

The process of getting EAN codes is not hard or expensive, similarly to its usage. You can find more about EANS in the FAQ section. Remember that We can always help You. We have gone through this process many times thus, We certainly know what to expect.


Which European marketplaces are the most important on the market?

There are many popular marketplaces in Europe, mainly

  • Amazon.de – The biggest German online shop. It may also be accessed by people of different nationalities;
  • eBay.com – One of the oldest online platforms, now with global range;
  • Emag – Marketplace popular in Middle and Eastern Europe.
  • Cdiscount – One of the biggest e-commerce platforms in France.
  • Kaufland


How to sell owned products in Europe?

In order to sell Your products on online platforms, such as Amazon.de, Ebay.com, Emag and others, You will need to register a seller account first.Next on, You will need to create a product offer.It should consist of products description, price, delivery prices and return policy. Furthermore, orders should be constantly monitored and sent as fast as possible. In order to speed up this process, We use specialized software, Baselinker.

How to properly estimate the sale prices?

Product price estimation is a very important part of online selling strategy. In order to properly adjust prices, You will need to include production costs, distribution costs, order servicing costs and income margin. Furthermore, You should also research the targeted market, compare the competition prices. Discounts and seasonal price-offs are a very important factor of a successful seller, as they attract many customers.


Your own brand? Only with Fideli!

We value our relations with business partners. Dbamy o dobre relacje z naszymi partnerami biznesowymi. We give you the opportunity to order products without a minimum order value, as well as customize orders in terms of individual customer needs. In addition, we offer support in the preparation of materials needed for the listing.


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